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Joyce McPherson
Author, Translator, Editor (anthology)
The Pandora Device

Stella’s grandmother doesn’t like to talk about her parents, even when she asks. But now that she’s in sixth grade, Stella needs answers. A rusty box provides a clue to the place her parents met—Camp Hawthorne—and Stella is determined to go. The camp’s secret draws her into extraordinary possibilities she never knew existed. And despite warnings to leave the past alone, she uncovers a mystery linked to her parents and must decide how much she will risk to find the truth.

~David Yoo, author of THE DETENTION CLUB

THE PANDORA DEVICE is filled with all the ingredients one needs for a rollicking adventure: mad scientists, special powers, a desperate search for missing parents, and...American History? Who knew! Joyce McPherson has created a world at Camp Hawthorne that you will not soon forget, and probably wish you'd attended.

~Kashmira Sheth, author of BOYS WITHOUT NAMES

THE PANDORA DEVICE is a novel about a young girl’s determination to find the truth about her deceased parents. Stella’s journey is full of twists, turns, and intrigue, and yet McPherson keeps the emotional core of the story centered around the indomitable human spirit and its capacity for love.