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The Pharaohs
Anthony is an artist in upstate New York who is just beginning to realize that his partying ways have the potential to lead to unsavory outcomes. When his best friend is arrested late one night at a party, Anthony hits the road with his buddy, Paul, in hopes of avoiding a similar fate. But Anthony is about to discover that life sometimes does not go according to plan. Through road trip adventures that take the men to Chicago and New Orleans, Anthony develops keen insights into the interconnectivity of life and compares his journey to that of a pharaoh. But while basking in the warmth of the south, the duo soon learns they must return to New York to stand witness for their friend's trial. As Anthony attempts to grasp the unsettling reality that it really is hard to go home again, his path changes once more as he embraces his need to look within to create his own destiny and learns to trust in himself and an ambiguous future. The Pharaohs shares the tale of one man's journey of self-discovery as he travels across state lines and discovers that the key to happiness and fulfillment lie within himself.