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D.S. Quinton
The Phoenix Stone
D.S. Quinton, author
Would you die to expose the secret of mankind's origin? Otto just might... Desperate to journal his grandfather's discovery before his capture, young Otto hides in a secret Egyptian chamber avoiding nomads and flesh-eating beetles to tell a simple story -- how we began. Will the story be lost? Will the nomads find him? Or...does the unthinkable happen? This short story is the dark beginning of all things. This book is a loose prequel to TWO separate series. Uncovering a new theory around the origins of good and evil, The Phoenix Stone lights a torch that shines dimly down two dark passages: one that tumbles headlong into the future of human evolution, A.I. and government conspiracies with the genre-blending novel Devel Django; and one that sinks backwards in time to the Voodoo infested swamps of Louisiana and the abominations that have been left to grow there, unseen, for hundreds of years. Here A Grimoire Dark, is waiting.