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Anna Travis
The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends, Part One, A Christian Fantasy Adventure
Anna Travis, author

"Alexi!” Nani gasped. “He’s here… he’s close… we have to run… He's done terrible things...”  Nani shook with fear and pointed wildly at the silver markings running up her arm, “Do you know what this means? We have to get away from him!” 

“I know what it means!” cried Alexi, grabbing her friend by the shoulders. “It means you can’t get away from him.” 

​ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The Milana Legends are a Christian Fantasy Fiction Adventure series that begin when a young teen named Nani awakens in the jungles of Brazil. She has no idea who she is or how she came to the tiny missionary hospital.

​Nani and her new friends are carried away to the medieval world of Milana where they quickly find themselves under threat from the Hunters of Avoria. As they seek to unravel Nani's past and find their place in a new world, the group is forced to align with one of their enemies. Can they offer him a chance at redemption?


The Milana Legends are middle grade young adult fiction (which is similar to saying the movie Frozen is rated PG). To learn more about the author and her world of Milana, visit

"Fans of fantasy, mystery, and other worldly places will enjoy The Pillar of Light. Anna Travis presents a smoothly crafted tale that incorporates magic and mystical surroundings with adventure and intrigue." - Sally Kruger 
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Modern Day Hippie

I'm hoping that this author comes out with more of these books - as in a series of them. This was very good and an easy read for an adult. My husband and son enjoyed listening to me read it aloud, as we were all mesmerized by the adventure that the teenagers found themselves on. I won this signed copy from the author herself about a year ago from a contest I had entered. We'll be waiting eyes wide for the next one Anna. Thanks so much!

Teens Read Too, Sally Kruger

The story begins when a young girl is brought to the home of two Brazilian missionaries. Doc Miller and his wife, Ruth, live in the jungles of Brazil. They run a hospital and attempt to take care of the local natives, and although the doctor and his wife never feel welcome, they still offer what services they can.

Things change on the night that a tall stranger arrives carrying an injured girl dressed in tattered clothes. The stranger speaks briefly to Doc and then reaches out to remove a mysterious necklace from around the girl's neck. He carefully hands the delicate chain and its charm to Ruth and tells her to keep it safe. Just before he leaves he tells the couple the girl's name - Nani val Dynia.

It doesn't take Nani long to become accustomed to her new life. She is welcomed by the natives who become more involved with Doc and his wife. Nani is like a daughter to the couple, and they watch her blossom into a teenager. She is a great help in their missionary work, and one day when a group of high schoolers arrive, Nani volunteers to accompany them to a nearby village.

The trip is uneventful until Nani drives around a sharp bend in the road only to discover the mysterious, tall stranger standing in the middle. In an attempt to avoid hitting him, Nani steers the truck over a cliff and it crashes down into the forest. When the teens gather their wits about them, they discover they have landed somewhere other than Brazil, and after some investigation they realize they are no longer even on the planet Earth.

The new world they have encountered is filled with strange adventures - fairies, traveling trees, and underwater homes. A wise man named Kalin becomes their guide and explains the world around them. It seems Nani is a long-lost native of this land, and she alone has the ability to make some sort of repair that could save this strange place.

Fans of fantasy, mystery, and other worldly places will enjoy THE PILLAR OF LIGHT. A. L. Travis presents a smoothly crafted tale that incorporates magic and mystical surroundings with adventure and intrigue. Nani and her companions are sure to return, since only the Pillar of Light has been dealt with, leaving five more for future stories.

Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • B013KWO64U
  • pages
  • $