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Ron Lamberson
The Poachers of Immortality
Stuart Mancini finds his life upended again when Bailey Honeybourne arrives with news that their dear friend, Parnell Sumner, has disappeared in the wilds of China. Still recovering from his maiden expedition with The Kilimanjaro Club—the exclusive and eccentric adventurers’ society—and hesitant to leave his girlfriend, Prima, behind, Stuart and Bailey head to Beijing in search of Parnell. Meanwhile, a black market for an extraordinary drug rendered from the near-extinct South China tiger is being established in Beijing, and an American executive wants in on the action. He’s also dead set on joining The Kilimanjaro Club. This greedy Texan will do anything to win, including hiring a hitman, who inadvertently gets thrust deeper into the fold. This second installation of The Kilimanjaro Club series chronicles an exhilarating global pursuit as Stuart and company attempt a daring rescue, evade an assassin’s mark, and do everything in their power to preserve the hallowed integrity of the club.