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Debbie Watson
The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Dream Jumper
In Book Two of The Polar Bear and the Dragon series, Whitney and Edward, two teenagers with extraordinary talents, must risk their lives to protect a young dragon destined to become the ruler of Yagdi. The small world teeters on the brink of war as it battles a new and powerful enemy. The teens and their formidable alliance have been weakened just as they must find a way to keep Yagdi from falling into the hands of this dangerous enemy. They need to find a powerful and elusive wizard known as a Dream Jumper.
Vicki Shurly, Director, Peninsula Community Library

In their continuing adventure, Whitney, Edward, and friends hone their powers while the threat, both through the portal and in quiet northern Michigan, grows. As our young heroes hold to their promise to stand strong no matter what, it's apparent that in any world, perseverance, loyalty, ad true friendship are the hallmarks of success. Author Debbbie Watson paints an amazingly vivid world of good versus evil in a tale that draws you in and holds you until the end.