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Minerva Spencer
The Postilion
This is book 2 in THE MASQUERADERS series. The heroine in this book--a duchess--is forced to run from her murderous guardian and spends 6 years living as a male servant.
Thrills abound in LaViolette’s red-hot second Masqueraders Regency (after The Footman). After Benedicta “Benna” de Montfort’s brother and father die, Benna, now the 10th Duchess of Wake, is left in the care of a cousin until she comes of age. When she discovers the man’s sinister plot to steal her inheritance and hide her away—or perhaps even have her killed—she runs away, disguising herself as a boy and calling herself Ben Piddock. Well versed in horses, she lands a position as a postilion with Jago Crewe, the new Earl of Trebolton. Benna works in the stables until Jago discovers her true gender—though not her rank. Immediately enamored with her, he hires Benna to restore the estate, which is long overdue for repairs. The proximity forges a tighter bond between them as they navigate the complexities of their relationship—and the secrets that threaten to tear it apart. As in the first installment, LaViolette’s handle on sexual tension is masterful and steamy scenes abound. Fans will be delighted. (Self-published)