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Gloria Eveleigh
Author, Illustrator
The Price of Worthlessness - Petra's story
Petra, the middle child from a happy family living in Littlehampton on the English south coast, wanted only to study and go to university to gain a science and mathematics degree. Her sense of worthlessness resulting from her middle child status, resulted in her being groomed for and kidnapped into sex trafficking at the age of fifteen. After a failed attempt to escape with the help of a young vicar acting as an undercover agent for the police, Petra finds herself being sold for sex in a massage and manicure parlour. She can't try to escape for fear of the threatened reprisal on her family. Then she comes up with a plan that she thinks will allow her to gain her freedom whilst also protecting her family. The plan succeeds and she ends up in the Channel Islands in a safe house in Jersey with her family and the new name of Maria. But her experiences have left her mentally traumatised to the point of her attempting to return to the place of her abuse, and choosing to prostitute herself to earn enough money to do so. A timely intervention by God and the same undercover vicar who helped her with the first failed escape, put Maria back on track to a happy and successful life, achieving her science and mathematics degree and much, much more.