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William White
The Prince of Tabor
Many centuries before the age of Man, as the ancient chroniclers tell, Tabor, the second greatest kingdom on earth, was under siege. The king had died in battle, and the queen had died in childbirth. As the enemy was closing in, the infant heir escaped far away to the tiny hamlet of Streamside. Brought up there in a boisterous tavern by his brother Jacoby, Young Nathaniel could not know that the trumpets of war had again sounded and that a greater army than ever, its leaders bent on revenge and world dominion, threatened a vastly weakened Tabor. He would be forced onto a quest of unparalleled magic and danger by unknown forces. Hellbent on world control. evil necromancer Crepitus sent assassins to Streamside, forcing Nathaniel and his brother into a fight for existence and a struggle to regain his birthright and save his kingdom. It is an epic fantasy of immense sweep set in the misty beginnings of the world and tells of the struggle of one young man, facing War and Magic, to survive.