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The Prodigal Daughter Returns--A Song of Restoration and Redemption
Are you or someone you know stuck in the same cycle? Are you tired of repeating the same self-destructive patterns? Do you feel you’ve made too many mistakes or traveled so far away from your Father that you cannot possibly be welcomed back? You may be convinced there is no hope for your life—BUT THERE IS! In The Prodigal Daughter Returns: A Song of Restoration and Redemption, MaKelia Kesha Mitchell uses the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son to share her testimony and 5R Journey back to her Father. Open the pages of this book and more importantly, the pages of your heart, your mind and your soul to begin to transform your life, heal and visualize a life that is beyond the hold of any addiction or illness. By allowing yourself to embark upon this life-affirming journey, you will change the way you view and approach the concept of forgiveness while gaining a clear path to restoration and redemption to our heavenly Father.