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Milton Cantellay
The Prodigals
Iran and North Korea detonate three nuclear missiles above coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. The civilian infrastructure of the United States collapses. While American engages the enemy overseas, an ugly enemy rises from the chaos. As the government struggles to protect its sovereignty, cities are left to fend for themselves. Local governments and law enforcement begin to crumble. Soon the mass deaths, shortages, and secondary terrorist attacks are overwhelming. Rural areas must defend themselves against the onslaught of refugees the lawless desperation. Carl Raydon had long been wary of how vulnerable the USA was. Concerned enough to raise his kids with the skills that they would need to survive while others around them struggled. With the collapse, each of the adult kids and their families begin the journey back to the ranch they were raised in Republic, Washington. It’s a dangerous trip and the longer they wait, the more treacherous it becomes. As each family struggles to make it home, they face unique challenges that test the skills they were taught. Along the way, a desperate group, led by a man that sees opportunity in the chaos, decides to challenge the Raydon’s. After struggling to make it home, they must now fight to keep it safe.