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Kathryn Mayer
The Productive Perfectionist A Woman’s Guide to Smashing the Shackles of Perfection
Is perfectionism paralyzing you? Become a Productive Perfectionist, instead—and free yourself from the “shackles of shoulds” so you can play a bigger game! Do you still struggle trying to figure out when your work is good enough? Are you losing hours editing a draft for the 29th time? Are the higher-ups getting nervous that you’re not up to the job? Are you tired of settling for the smaller, safer roles instead of finding your greatness—because you’re too afraid of failing? In this book, you’ll find hope—and action-oriented solutions to move you from paralysis to productivity in this new age of constant change and ambiguity! You’ll discover: • How to stop being your own worst slave-driving taskmaster: change self-loathing into self-compassion! • How to stretch outside of your comfort zone and set and achieve goals that matter to you, your team, and organization, without stress: bounce back from missteps more quickly! • How to delegate the right tasks, to the right people, at the right moments (hint: pass on the tasks you don’t do well, and anything that gets in the way of your core work, even if you’re great at it) • Understand how to recognize, create, and celebrate “situational wins” for everyone