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Noah Chinn
Author, Illustrator
The Professional Tourist
Noah Chinn, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Azrael is going nowhere. Fresh out of college, things aren't falling into place the way he'd hoped. He spends too much time going with the flow. He has no job, no relationship, and no life outside his tiny corner of Washington state. Seeing a chance to kickstart his life, Az travels to Japan to reinvent himself as an English teacher. Only none of that is what he expects, either. His coworkers are either burnt out or unhinged, one of his students dabbles in the fringes of Tokyo’s criminal element, and the most unlikely of world-travelling adventurers happens to be camped outside his school. Then there's Hanna. Foul mouthed, cynical, and everything Az never knew he wanted. She's got big plans to shake up the world of teaching, and Az can't get her out of his head. The next year in Japan is one that he'll never forget, but it might be more than he can handle.