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Danny Tuttle
The Prophet Paradox
Danny Tuttle, author
Is anyone free? Or do we see only what we want to see? And than how can love be stronger than destiny? Biblical scholar Anne Hart is lost. Again. In a rural Egyptian village, she tries to save a woman from a public lashing ordered by a local sharia tribunal of elders. The police chief orders Anne to be abandoned in the Qattara Depression, the worst hell hole in the Sahara Desert. With no food or water and weeks of desert in every direction, Anne makes a discovery that can change the world. But will she survive? Physicist Max Moore detects a burst of elementary particles and makes a startling prediction. Now he can't escape his fate. Ancient secret manuscripts. Supernovas. Lost monasteries. Terrorists. Shark attacks. Proton decay experiments. Media moguls who manipulate the masses. Magical people who can save the world and don't care. Action. Adventure. Contemporary Fantasy. Science fiction. Romance. Sound predictable? Then you won't like the ending.