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The Rattler
Sam lives in his father’s tavern with his mother and twin sister. His home is on an idyllic island in the middle of the ocean far from danger. Recently pirates have started using the island as a stop off point. On an excursion to the docks, against their father’s wishes, Sam and his sister encounter Junior, the son of the Captain of the Bone Rattler, and two of his henchmen. In saving his sister Sam is captured and taken aboard The Rattler. Sam must quickly learn to fit in aboard the ship to give him the best chance of survival and, ultimately, escape. He is tested as a member of the crew and earns a place by chance saving the Captain’s life. The mood aboard the ship turns dark as Junior and his henchmen assault one of the crew women, leading to a noticeable divide in the crew and whispers of mutiny. Sam adjusts to life but is whipped for a mistake by Junior, although in honesty it was for speaking out against the assault. With the Captain injured Sam is sent on an expedition inland to find plants with healing properties. While away the mutiny occurs and Junior and the allies flee the island, leading Sam and the rest of the crew behind. Sam seizes this opportunity to suggest his home island should be their destination. They barely make it home where Sam realises that his home has been burnt down and his family murdered by Junior. Sam finds his father’s treasure in the burnt ruins, giving opportunity to build his own ship and pursue the Rattler and get his revenge.