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The Reactive Alien: Exposing the Two Year Old in All of Us
Steve Meade takes us on an entertaining and thought-provoking journey through the nuances of being a practicing psychologist in today's world. His insights into the evolutionary origins of our reactive system and its impact on our cognitive systems functioning will challenge and inspire the reader. It will raise questions on the long term implications of relying on diagnostic labels, while focussing on the questionable trajectory of today's dysfunction lens. Meade's recommendation of Executive Function as our best solution to individual and societal challenges, builds on the substantial foundations of neuroscience and evolutionary research and opens windows to the practical application of those foundations in the real world. His school psychology experience furnishes us with a first hand account of what works, what doesn't, and what we need to change in therapy sessions, class rooms, and the family unit. You don't have to agree with him - which many won't - but he does entice us to join him in questioning accepted and traditional approaches to psychology, parenting, educating, and even criminality. Finally, his exposure of the Reactive Alien in all of us will unsettle the generations who have built the world for our children to inherit and will most likely be met with resistance. That's why this is a must read no matter how old you are! If there is indeed a two year old in each of us who directs our behaviours in response to our environment, by shutting down our cognitive system to deliver the reactivity that we all struggle to control, we need to know. It's an uncomfortable, emotional but thoroughly worthwhile trip thanks to Meade's revealing exposure of his own personal, practical and professional experiences, which by his own account, were often wrong but encouraged a path of correction and learning.