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Deek Rhew
The Recollector - Vol 1
Deek Rhew, author
Shai was born to die. Genetically designed to recall everything in perfect detail, Shai’s sole purpose is to gather new memories for the AI that has ruled the Earth since the fall of civilization. Though, unlike her friends who’d been bred to remember passion, exhilaration, or love, her unfortunate specialty is near-death feats of terror. And every day, as she's being forced to jump off the world’s largest towers and drive trucks over cliffs, she's also secretly plotting the demise of the AI and its merciless bot army. But soon the extraction bots will come and steal what they want from her mind. She has mere days left to figure out how to avoid her own murder. Except, no one can beat a robot handler and its minion sentries. No one ever has in 200 years. Until she does. By accident. To save herself and everyone she loves, Shai must defeat the bots and a legion of digital henchmen before her time runs out. Shai may have been born to die, but she'll fight to live.