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The Redhead is Dead
Chris Ingram, author
Think of a female Sherlock Holmes, but instead of Dr. Watson, Donna Rand depends on her platonic friend and neighbor, a painter named Charles, for feedback and support. Instead of Scotland Yard, she has the manpower of a major market TV news department to further her investigations. Her cat, Boomer, and transsexual neighbor, Dolores, round out her family. Instead of a seven-percent solution, she takes the edge off with a couple of hits from a joint and a glass of Chilean Chardonnay on the rooftop deck of her Beacon Hill apartment building.
Readers' favorite

Five Stars! "A news editor's deductive and investigative skills are tested in the gruesome and thrilling mystery novel, The Redhead is Dead... A captivating sleuth mystery... engaging characters and a compelling plot... this thrilling mystery novel leaves an excellent opening for sequels."

- Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite