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sandra allensworth
The Rental Roller Coaster
This book has practical solutions to the everyday problems encountered by landlords. This is not a how-to fix-it book. It is geared toward those who want to achieve success in Property Management and Wealth Creation while maintaining their sanity, dignity and humanity. Research of well over one hundred titles about being a Landlord has not revealed a single one that deals with the everyday problems and solutions that are addressed in this book. The Rental Roller Coaster explains strategies to deal with the kind of things that arise in the course of buying properties, navigating the legal maze and engaging with tenants. Sandra uses humor and a unique insight into the human condition to explain the day-to-day events that successful landlords deal with on a regular basis. Whether you are already a Landlord or thinking about becoming one, this book will provide an insider's view of an interesting and profitable market. "After many years in the business, a friend of mine, who owns a Real Estate Company, said to me, 'I have watched you for several years and I still can't figure out how you did it. ' This is how I did it. " -Sandra Allensworth
Experienced landlord Allensworth’s debut offers copious practical advice for those who own or are looking to purchase rental properties, plus much good humor and countless surprising—sometimes alarming—anecdotes of tenants, troubles, taxes, and how to face it all while keeping calm and collecting rent. Drawing on two decades of renting houses, plus the know-how of the landlord “support group” with which she regularly commiserates, Allensworth offers guidance on tenant negotiations, house repairs, pricing options, and questions like when to deduct expenses or fees from the rent check. The Rental Roller Coaster offers both getting-started knowhow for anyone considering diving into this competitive market, and also the wholly unexpected concerns only a seasoned pro knows to anticipate, like the jolting fact that a tenant who replaces a toilet themselves will absolutely take that toilet with them when they move.

Highlighting the challenges of problem tenants and the financial setbacks that can arise due to repairs or having to take legal action, Allensworth holds nothing back in this honest account of the highs and lows of the responsibility and business of being a landlord. Providing tips on how to turn a profit, balance the tenant/landlord relationship, and handle the dreaded eviction process, this self-help guide gives an in-depth, behind the scenes look into the complex task of property management, with an eye on how to “structure your business to fit your preferences, situation and disposition."

Allensworth draws pragmatic lessons even from the most absurd stories— such stories as one tenant leaving a dog behind after being evicted so that they could still pick up their welfare and food stamps from the mailbox, or another making a copy of the key so they could squat after being evicted. From constant upkeep to the day-to-day run ins with tenants, this helpful resource lives up to its title, while offering its audience a wealth of specialized knowledge.

Takeaway: Straight-forward, often humorous advice for landlords.

Comparable Titles: Brenda Cross King's Do You Really Want to Be a Landlord, Tony LeBlanc's Doorpreneur.

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