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The Restoration Program
Mary Dublin, author
Nicole’s tragic death was only the beginning. Against all odds, Nicole Zhou wakes up from a fatal car accident to find that she is a beneficiary of a cutting-edge procedure: the Restoration Program. By transferring her consciousness into a new body, her life has been saved. The only problem? Her new body is merely ten inches tall. As she tries to continue building a life with her boyfriend, Ryan Northe, she struggles to grapple with the strange world developing around her. With each passing day, she questions whether the procedure really saved her life or plunged her into a fate worse than death. Regardless of her fears, both the Restoration Program and Ryan agree: what was lost has been restored. The first in a thrilling New Adult trilogy filled with suspense, romance, and the dawning of a new, strange world, The Restoration Program is perfect for fans of Black Mirror, Westworld, and romance books with an existential twist. It should appeal widely to fans who enjoy a love story turned darkly on its head.
Aly, Goodreads

Oh man, this was a wild read! I wasn’t sure what I was getting into once I started reading this one. It started off like any other romantic thriller and then it took a rather unexpected turn.

The book takes you through the process of what Nicole went through while adjusting to life after having a procedure through The Restoration Program. Even though Nicole’s life has been restored, she is now only 10 inches tall.

The authors did a great job at describing things in a way that made everything feel fully believable and even relatable at times. This says a lot as many parts of this book felt a little out there. The concept of a romantic relationship between a 6 foot tall Ryan and 10 inch tall Nicole was hard to wrap my head around at times, especially for the spicier scenes.

There were quite a few surprising twists thrown in that keep things interesting and balanced out the more serious parts of the story. The ending was definitely a shocker! I really didn’t see it coming!

Consider the trigger warnings for this one: Emotional abuse and assault

Shelby, Goodreads

Note: please pay close attention to the TW listed in this book as it depicts emotional abuse and assault. Please proceed with caution.



My brain has officially combusted. First, I would like to say that I was not entirely sure about this book. As I was reading, I found it hard to stomach the relationship between Nicole, a 10 inch NuPrint and Ryan, a 6 foot monster in sheep’s clothing. Some of the scenes in this book churned my stomach. The yarn scenes in specific made me want to claw my own eyes out. Dramatic? Perhaps. However, I felt like Anne and Mary perfectly depicted the discomfort and trauma Nicole was feeling during that time. They wrote the scenes so vividly, you could feel the raw emotion.

The ending of this book…holy smokes. I audibly gasped, rubbed my eyes and reread the last 3 page over and over because I simply could not believe what I was seeing. Anne and Mary left me completely speechless as I scraped my jaw up off the floor.

Wow. An ending hasn’t gotten me that good in a while.