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Lauren Smith
The Rogue's Seduction
Lauren Smith, author
SOCIETY CALLS HIM THE DEVIL OF LONDON… Lord Vaughn, Viscount Darlington, has a dark reputation for sinful pleasures, putting off even the most ardent mamas who crave his title for their unmarried daughters They say he’s dangerous enough to ruin a woman with just one look…But he can’t resist the pleas of a woman who needs his help. This rogue might yet be redeemed. SHE’S THE DARLING OF THE TON… All of London adores Perdita Darby. She receives invites to every party and has eligible gentlemen willing to wait for her, but she has no desire to marry. When she discovers a cruel man wishes to entrap her into a marriage that could spell her doom, she has nowhere left to turn. She makes a bargain with the devil of London, hoping to save herself. But the cost of their false engagement may put them both in danger…
Regency London praises Perdita Darby’s perfect manners and friendly conversation, but her pristine reputation is also her downfall when unpleasant Samuel Milburn shows an interest in her. Perdita begs Vaughn, Viscount Darlington, for a fake engagement during her family’s house party, hoping to escape Milburn and the rumors of his cruelty. Darlington, a charming rogue with a powerful reputation of his own, is happy to pretend, but plans to seduce Perdita into actual marriage because he needs a rich wife to save his estate. The romance is formulaic, and Milburn’s aggression is predictable, but Perdita and Vaughn are surprising in how they relate to their friends, their families, and each other. They are sincere and innately kind, and they avoid self-centered drama. Vaughn promises Perdita a little bit of pain with pleasure, but his bedroom play is tender and exploratory, and their embraces heighten the romantic tension. Each carefully crafted scene drives the plot toward a satisfying ending. Occasional plot holes and anachronisms barely detract from this tender romance. (BookLife)