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Rebecca Arnold
The Rooted Renegade

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

LEVERAGING PEACE FOR EXTRAORDINARY PURPOSE Many of us are caught in the hustle of daily life and use quick fixes to find relief from our stress, overwhelm, and discontent. Are you ready for something radically different? Discover how to calm your nervous system, fire up your passions, thrive sustainably, and create space for exceptional impact. Your very own holistic leadership coach Rebecca Arnold guides you step-by-step to create a more fulfilling, joyful life that meets the challenges of our times. Blending insights & action, realism & optimism, straight-talk & big-heart, Rebecca shows you how to build a solid foundation of rooted peace to lean on as you shake up your world for good. This includes internal peace (using your body, breath, emotions, and thoughts to build resilience and counteract stress), existential peace (discovering and using your legacy, genius, values, and strengths), and relational peace (forging a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others). Packed with fifty actionable exercises you can use again and again, this book will empower you to make deep, lasting changes that build resilience, capacity, and impact. Like a wise, trusted friend you call in the middle of the night, pull this book from your shelf when you need a kick in the pants, a little love, or a practical strategy to create life on your own terms.
Arnold pulls from years of leadership coaching experience to deliver a sharp debut bursting with interactive advice for readers. “The next frontier of true success in the twenty-first century will be profound, lasting, self-generating peace,” she predicts, and that cornerstone of “rooted peace” props up this guide, as Arnold delves into the mind-body connection, how to limit negative and damaging self-talk, and more. Whether teaching the need for gratitude, ways to cope with “fiery” emotions, or exploring the role spirituality plays in inner peace, Arnold leaves little room for doubt that the cost of stress, anxiety, and burnout is far too high, but “consistently generating internal peace..[is] priceless.”

Placing the responsibility squarely on individuals for creating inner peace that sticks, Arnold addresses the stumbling blocks that can get in the way, tailoring her advice to those readers who want a “purposeful, authentic life, rather than merely getting through the day.” The counsel is direct, but supportive, gently challenging stagnant patterns and offering healthy replacements, as in her admonition that readers need to re-evaluate their “relationship with time” and get comfortable with a little friction if they want to grow. She covers the basics invitingly, offering a clear breakdown of her three separate spheres of rooted peace (internal, existential, and relational), but beyond that she supplies readers with an overflow of activities and custom-styled exercises to implement her advice.

In contrast to the guidance found in many self-help books, readers will leave Arnold’s doorstep feeling refreshed, respected, and renewed. From her ideas on “dancing with mortality” instead of ignoring it to never being “afraid to stir things up,” Arnold consistently loops back to our ability—and responsibility—to “shake up your world for the good.” We may never be perfect, she comforts, but that certainly doesn’t mean we should allow the status quo to go on forever—instead, we “can generate deep fulfillment and joy on [our] own terms.”

Takeaway: Hands-on, refreshing guide to building lasting inner peace.

Comparable Titles: Nick Trenton’s The Art of Letting Go, Brianna Wiest’s The Mountain Is You.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A