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The Russian Heist
Robert White, author
A Russian thug from New York City waits for word from his crime family that it’s safe to return to “Little Odessa.” Bored with hiding out in the rustbelt Midwest, he discovers a plot to rob a county airport where millions in in small denominations sit shrink-wrapped and bundled on pallets waiting for military transport planes to fly in and deliver the money to some of the darker corners of the Mideast. The mastermind of this audacious enterprise is the “inside man,” a disgruntled armored-car guard named Smith and his slattern of a wife. Even more astounding to Dimitri Byko, a real criminal and killer, is that other members of this misfit gang include the pair’s son, a juvenile delinquent and free runner, and worst of all, an obese, alcoholic professor recently fired from his teaching position at a community college. When this unlikely band of thieves pulls off the heist, Byko’s regard for his partners in crime is short-lived. But what he is unprepared for is the woman assigned to hunt him down. Special Agent Annie Cheng has wide experience with the ruthless mafiya of Brighton Beach.
Manhattan Book Review

The Russian Heist is a gripping noir crime thriller written by Robb White. The story focuses around Dmitri Byko a Russian mobster based in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. When Byko learns of a plot by an amateur gang of thieves to rob a plane filled with government money headed to the Middle East, he quickly joins in. The robbery is masterminded by an armored truck driver who knows when and where the money will be transported. As the robbery unfolds, it becomes clear to the other members of the gang that Byko has little regard for them and therefore treats them with utter contempt. Moreover, a dogged FBI agent, Annie Chang who knows all about the Russian mob in Brooklyn is hot on their heels.

This isn’t your typical heist story. The plot is thrilling and suspenseful. however, where this book really shines is in how the author develops his characters. The main character, Dimitri Byko is extremely ruthless and calculating with very little regard for human life. This causes the other character to be deeply distrustful. The book is very philosophical in nature with morality being the central theme in the book and how greed can corrupt a person’s soul to the point that he or she ceases to be human.

Reviewed By: Michael Shulman

1st Annual International Thriller Award

1st Annual International Thriller Award

We had an amazing slew of novels submitted for our first annual International Thriller Award. Thank you to all the talented authors who took the time to send in their works. Below is the list of finalists and winner of 2019’s contest.



The Russian Heist by Robb T. White