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James MacTavish
The Sacred Band : Union

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

A new empire is dawning in the United States of America as the sun sets on Britain. Lady Morgan Worthington - Morgan le Fay - begins the rise of a great nation through the Palladium, the birth of empires. Her six faithful White Dragon Knights seek to build on its success, but the ever-resilient Red Dragon, led by the bloodline of Sir Galahad and operating within the 'Secret Six', mobilise once more with the power of Excalibur to break the bloodshed. The wielder of the fabled King's Blade, the line of Sir Bedivere, finds itself torn in the development of the American Civil War, between loyalties to a Confederate family and a true love of one persecuted in the State of South Carolina...a friction that could sway the tides of battle. The Sacred Band of male paired lovers remain loyal to the cause of the Red Dragon and duty to protect the Palladium once held within the walls of Ancient Thebes. A new challenge comes their way as tensions rise over race and creed, their leader and his partner brought into conflict for the rights of slaves and their own futures within a nation where all are declared equal.