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Nanette Littlestone
Author, Contributor, Editor (anthology)
The Sacred Flame
It is the year 216 BC. Livia is a Vestal Virgin, a priestess of the goddess Vesta sworn to keep Rome safe through the obligations of duty, dedication, and chastity. In just a few months she will end her vows and marry her childhood companion. But the High Priestess’s collapse extends Livia’s duties and thrusts her into the unwanted role of leadership. As summer heat and the threat of Hannibal descend on Rome, Livia dares to fall for Gaius, a married man and equestrian commander, who has loved her secretly for many years. When his wife Justina refuses to surrender the security of her privileged life, Gaius and Livia are caught in a sticky web of deceit and forbidden love that threatens both their worlds.
Fran Stewart

The Sacred Flame is a sweeping saga of love and redemption. I couldn’t stop reading. The book kept me up after midnight when I wanted to go to bed three hours ago.”

Fran Stewart, author of the Biscuit McKee Mysteries and the ScotShop Mysteries

Kim Brooks

“The story had so many layers, bits of action, and moments of romance that it was difficult to put it down. Definitely pick up a copy of this book!”

Kim Brooks, Confessions of a Word Addict

Michelle Mechem

The Sacred Flame is a tragic story of forbidden love. Nanette has a masterful ability to weave historical detail with entertaining storytelling. Her tasteful love scenes lend an air of class to the ‘romance.’ She is a skillful wordsmith taking you on a journey to the past. The Sacred Flame is a beautiful read.”

Michelle Mechem, Keller Williams Realty

Suzanne Baker Hogan

“Littlestone has created a luscious journey through ancient Rome, replete with pleasure and sacrifice. She has brought characters to life out of marble and shown us their surprising realism. For what can be more real than love and the relentless quest to have it, damn the consequences. Such is the drama of this exquisite tale, told with sensual, transportive language. Such is this story of love that entices and eludes yet calls the soul regardless—no matter how innocent and unprepared—leaving us utterly haunted.”

Suzanne Baker Hogan, Spiritual Writer and creator of