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Oriano Galvanini
The Saga of the Phoenix

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

During one of his travels, in the 1960s, the protagonist, a young radio operator, comes across a mysterious organization, the Phoenix, which operates worldwide and has unlimited financial resources and technologies that were unthinkable in those years. He had been chosen because he was deemed suitable, on the basis of some mental analyzes to which he had been subjected without his knowledge. After a few trips during which he has the opportunity to verify the extraordinary technologies available to this organization, he is asked to disembark and reach the underground base of the Phoenix, hidden in a desert in the USA, where he discovers a world unknown to him and wonderful. What amazes him most is the system of transferring information from a computer archive directly into the human mind. Gradually his position grows in importance until he reaches the highest management levels and becomes part of the Board, after receiving the final notional treatment. The Phoenix, after more than a century from its mysterious birth, brings together the whole planet under a single government. At this point, one of its executives wonders how the Phoenix was born and by whom it was created. The discovery will be disconcerting but also fascinating and will lead the descendant of the young radio operator to discover, in the depths of space, many secrets of the universe.