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Lauren Smith
The Scoundrel of Drury Lane
Lauren Smith, author
He was falsely accused and sentenced to die... At nineteen, Christopher "Kit" Hollingsworth is spared the noose but sentenced to serve seven years in Australia as a convict. The men who betrayed him have plans to make sure he never returns to England. But Kit's strong will and thirst for vengeance ensure his survival. Seven long years later, he returns to London but he's forever changed. Gone is the innocent, handsome young lad he'd been. Now Kit is a towering, muscular man of twenty-six with scars inside and out. He wants England to see the new him, the man who lost his soul, and he wants the three men who destroyed his life to forfeit theirs. The only light in his dark night is a beautiful, innocent young woman who paints the sets at the Drury Lane theater. There's just one problem...she's the daughter of one of the men who sent him to prison.