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Max Bridges
The Second List
Max Bridges, author
“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” –Benjamin Franklin Patrick Rooper, an investigative journalist and ex-Navy SEAL, is looking forward to his upcoming wedding when a rich socialite walks into his office and offers a lucrative assignment. To retrieve a document from the Swiss Alps seems easy enough for someone with Patrick’s accolades, but unbeknownst to him, the undertaking poses an existential threat to someone powerful—someone desperate to stop him at any cost. The socialite’s granddaughter, Susan, gets pulled into the unfolding events and narrowly escapes a deadly assassin. When chance unites her with Patrick, the duo must solve the mystery around the document if they want to survive. But with every revelation, the seemingly impossible effort to save their lives draws them even deeper into danger. After a chase halfway around the world, the pair makes a fateful discovery.

This book was super thrilling and entertaining to read! I enjoyed every page. I highly recommend this to everyone who is interested in these types of books. 


A great thriller that will take you on a ride that you will want to ride over and over again!!!! 


I picked up this book to check out something which was entertaining. I found this book really thrilling and reminded me about a James Bond movie. I like the writing style and the book keeps you engaged from start to finish. 

#IamReadingTheSecondListIn – Dubai

Thank you, Manos, for reading ‘The Second List’ in Dubai. I am so glad you are enjoying the read.

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