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Tanja Pajevic
Author, Service Provider
The Secret Life of Grief: A Memoir

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

After her mother's death, Tanja Pajevic explored what it meant to grieve consciously in a society that barely acknowledges grief. As the weeks passed, Pajevic—a first-generation Serbian-American woman—delved into her anger, rage and sorrow, as well as explored the complicated issue of forgiveness. Along the way, she explored the rise and fall of communal mourning in the United States, as well as its roots in the current medical model.

Pajevic also examined ingrained family patterns she was ready to release—all while raising two young children and dealing with a husband facing his own challenges. Throughout, she reassessed and reconfigured her life, reconnected with her true self and found redemption and healing, as well as joy.