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Thomas Stimson
The Secret of Linden Court
Andre Kosowicz has a secret. Stuck in the back corner of an ancient file cabinet, the city tax clerk finds an old, faded street record and discovers evidence of a neighborhood he has never heard of: Linden Court. Rather than reporting his discovery to the city for recognition and rewards, Andre moves in and befriends a variety of colorful Linden Court residents as diverse as Madame Ra’Coone and her House of Fashion, gay gallery owner and art historian Szymon, the neighborhood’s barkeep Franz, a former member of the Resistance known as The Alley Sniper and his hot-to-trot niece Sophie. How long can Andre keep his discovery a secret from the tax department, his bitter boss and the aloof college graduate who has suddenly taken a liking to him? And how has Linden Court been able to hide in plain sight for over twenty years? A page-turning mystery with twists and turns, clever dialogue, danger, and a dash of romance set in 1960’s Eastern Europe.