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David Harrison
The Secret of the Scroll
D J Harrison, author
A mysterious device with unknown powers A man desperate to impress a tyrant King A city plunged into deadly turmoil Never trust a demon. Or fall in love with a witch. A witch summons supernatural assistance in her attempt to overthrow a tyrant king but discovers the key to the king’s downfall lies instead in the hands of a boy. In a world where the King has supreme power which he uses to oppress and terrorise, a fifteen-year old’s attempt to impress has catastrophic results. His only hope of saving his friends lies in an uneasy alliance with his father’s arch-enemy in a desperate quest to discover the source of the power he has unleashed. Pursued by the wrath of the King and denizens of the underworld, they make a dash for safety in the company of a sorceress who retains a steely ambition to usurp the King. Two young girls, caught up in the mayhem, become separated from their parents and are forced to flee the city in the company of an itinerant ruffian who wants nothing more than a quiet life without responsibility. His worst fears are realised as he fights to keep the girls safe against overwhelming odds.