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Frank Johnson
Service Provider
The Set Up
Carl Edward Jackson, a Black gay man, grew up in the South where it was morally unacceptable to be gay. He attended church with his divorced mother several times per week when he was a teenager, but often felt ostracized, as the pastor of the church regularly rejected homosexuality, and insisted that gay people would be sent to hell for eternity. This belief made it hard for Carl to "come out" and to love himself. He had no one to talk to about his sexuality and often felt lonely and depressed. So, consider Carl and his inspired story, The Set Up? In his early twenties, Carl relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where his life was affected by his sexuality, HIV/AIDS, racial discrimination, sexual assault, incarceration and mental illness. After having a vision in which he was imbued to write a book, and through life altering circumstances, Carl manages to tell a riveting story that is certain to magnetize and inspirit the reader, as you live each moment with him. "Everyone has a testimony and I must tell the story," Carl expresses with conviction... "Are you ready for The Judgment?"