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Sarah Morin
The Seven Strings

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

To free her sister from Traitor's Prison, sixteen-year-old Eva must free herself first—by taking back her soul.

In a near-future where anything sacred or spiritual is banned as superstition, Eva, the daughter of freedom fighters, struggles to escape the concrete prison camp she and her sister are trapped in. During a brutal ceremony, her captor, Lord Marcus, rips her soul out using a cursed black knife named the Fallen's Kiss. She barely manages to survive, but during the escape, the tunnel collapses and nearly kills her.

Barely holding onto life, she's trapped in a near-death experience filled with unseen, dream-like danger. A chilling numbness threatens to overwhelm Eva now her soul is gone, but she gathers seven magical strings to bind her body and mind back together. She meets friends and allies, but is tempted to save them instead of herself. Lord Marcus is always near, following her, determined on his quest to purge the world of the divine. Because of him, Eva learns the Fallen's Kiss can only be destroyed by someone who understands the true nature of the human soul.

Eva knows she must destroy the Fallen's Kiss to get her soul back and save her sister, but she has no idea where to look or how to do it, and if she fails, she'll be lost forever, disappearing into nothingness, utterly destroyed.