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The Seventh Talent
For centuries, a mysterious sect has hunted those who possess paranormal gifts, recruiting the men, and exterminating the women. These religious fanatics believe that they alone are the rightful possessors of the true Priesthood power, and have devised a method for controlling the mind of the immortal, St. John, using him as a weapon to amass hidden strength. With paranormal gifts increasingly rare, accurate knowledge of the human chakras and the six types of Psychic Talents that arise from them has become crucial. Governments now compete with privately funded groups to locate and train children who possess these gifts—and to turn them into weapons for international espionage. Secret monastic orders compete with “witches” and mercenaries, ever watchful for signs of new children with powerful potential as they arise. Now an obscure prophecy about a girl with an unusual gift creates the possibility for a great reshuffling of power, and a window for restoring Earth to her natural balance of forces. Among these warring factions, the race is on to find this girl, and either train her, or destroy her.