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Diane Wolff
The Silk Road Series: The Heirs of Genghis Khan
Diane Wolff, author
Batu was Genghis Khan's grandson, and became the Khan of Russia, furthest west, the attack wing of the empire. He was the senior prince and he wanted to decide the future of the Empire. He did not want war in the West. The only problem was his cousin usurped the throne and wanted to make war in Europe and the Middle East. Batu was growing fabulously rich from the East-West trade and he wanted the conquests to continue in China and Persia. The fight for the throne began. Batu had a brilliant ally, the most remarkable woman of her age. Queen Sorghagtani was Chinggis Khan's favorite daughter-in-law, a brilliant diplomat, popular among the nobility. Guyug was driving the empire into ruin, He had to be removed. Sorghagtani and Batu formed an alliance and put her sons on the throne.