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Nina Snyder
The Silver Flame (MG Fantasy)
Nina Snyder, author
Larissa Antal has a secret. She traded a lock of hair for a silver ring at the Pink Moon Fair. All of her Magick Academy classmates seem to be more skilled at gemstone magic than Larissa, who struggles to find her place at the prestigious school. But maybe silver magic is her true calling. Larissa discovers her father was from the island of Argentum, the land of silver magic. Unfortunately, her mother has just gotten engaged to the Chancellor of the Gemstone Kingdom -- who has outlawed silver magic on pain of death. The Chancellor looks down on silver magic as inferior to gemstone magic. Larissa flees to the island of Argentum on a journey that takes her across the lands of the Gemstone Kingdom. Larissa is accompanied by her cousin, Sabina, as well as Luca, an Argentite boy she has known since childhood. If Larissa doesn't learn to control her newfound powers, the ruler of the Gemstone Kingdom will take over Argentum by force.