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Arjan Kuipers
The Single Most Overlooked Problem in Back Patients
The Single Most Overlooked Problem In Back Patients: A Practical Three-Step approach That Will Immediately Enhance Patient Results, Work satisfaction And Practice Growth. For the dedicated chiropractor, there is little more frustrating than a patient plagued by pain whose condition isn't responding to standard treatment.That's where Arjan Kuipers' simple three-step process comes into play. Known for his astute and discriminative way of solving problems and for his passionate knowledge of the brain-postural connection, Arjan divulges how chiropractors are practicing in an "old-fashioned" way and APTLY POSITIONED TO DO THE MOST GOOD FOR "ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES IN HEALTH CARE IN THIS PRESENT DAY AND AGE." Read through Arjan's comprehensive introduction to anearly limitless world of medical care and considerationfew chiropractors have imagined: a world where more patients are healed; where pharmaceuticals aren't always necessary for even the most daunting illnesses; and where chiropractors rise above being "just bone doctors", passed over in preference of allopathic treatment, and become an active, thoughtful, indispensable, and maybe even the primary, element of every patient's healthcare strategy.