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The Skystillers
Will Leonhardt, a solitary ex-Airforce pilot and combat veteran, receives a mysterious letter and a prepaid plane ticket summoning him to an obscure observatory in Hawaii. So begins a journey that will lead him to a shadowy group of rogue scientists known as the Terra Program. Desperate for a distraction from his own past and future, Will agrees to pilot the program’s flight to the moon. The groundbreaking scientific experiment he and the other astronauts will perform there could change humanity’s understanding of itself and the planet forever, but first they must undergo months of intense training at the program’s secret facility. As Will gets to know the program’s personnel—from the arthritic, chess-playing astronomer, Doctor Whitfield, to the beautiful young botanist, Sage Galloway—he begins reluctantly to experience what he has never known before: friendship…and even love. But as launch day draws near, it becomes increasingly clear that all is not as it seems and a hidden enemy threatens the mission and the lives of everyone involved. Now, Will must utilize all his training and stoic courage to save the lives of the people he has come to care for and uncover the secret at the heart of the Terra Program...and at the heart of the universe itself. The Skystillers is a literary thriller that combines elements of realistic science fiction with action, mystery, and philosophical inquiry. A compelling story of danger, intrigue, and conspiracy, the novel also explores the implications of what we believe about ourselves and our place in the universe and how scientific questions can impact human life.