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The Sleeping King
Legend holds that in centuries past,a great king was laid to rest, leaving a promise to wake again when the world would need him most. Could eleven year-old Peter Blue be that sleeping king? “He sleeps more than we do!” complain the old people at the Gum Tree Rest Home in the Australian bush, where Peter’s lived since his parents were killed by wildfire.When a pesky wizard-type pulls Peter out of a nap, telling him to wake up and save the world, Peter’s naturally not interested. It’s only when a strange clue in his birthday treasure hunt leads him to Dad’s Global Advanced Intelligence Agency (GAIA) jacket that Peter starts to change his mind. In the pocket, he finds a card for Spiral Hall—Secret School for the Ecodemically Gifted. The Anthrog forces are rising on earth. They feed on the stench of human greed, and right now it’s a free lunch. The Anthrogs also want to get to GAIA using Peter’s high-tech jacket as the key. Can Peter get to GAIA before the Anthrogs get to him? Peter Blue’s legend-inspired story combines the magic of a child confronting a promise from another lifetime with the realism of climate change, which Peter and the initiates at Spiral Hall are destined to take on.