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Linda King
The Smart Travelista's Guide: How to protect your travel health & safety
Linda King , author
Want to improve the enjoyment of your next overseas trip? Then this book is for you. Amazon author Linda King in her fourth book in The Smart Travelista series shares her tips for healthy and safe travelling. In the Smart Travelista’s Guide: How to protect your travel health & safety, you will discover strategies for a healthy and safe trip. These tips will save you stress, inconvenience and money. Staying healthy and safe so you can enjoy your holiday. This easy-to-follow, valuable guide will take you step by step in what to do before you go and while you’re away. Each chapter in the book will provide you with new insights, tools, and strategies to keep you healthy and safe. It's simple when you know how. What’s featured in the book: How to minimise jetlag How to keep safe while travelling Inflight health Vaccination Protecting your money and belongings And so much more! Ready to take the next step? Pick up your copy of this ultimate health and safety guide by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of the page! It will be the best money you've spent all year. Are you ready to be a Smart Travelista?