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Dirk Foster
The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery
Dirk Foster, author
Sobriety is a difficult challenge for everyone. If you’re new to sobriety, or have been sober for years, there are many daily challenges, anxieties and fears that can threaten long term recovery. Prayer and meditation are simple, reliable and time-tested methods that can help you improve your chances of staying sober and living in peace and joy. Based on the principles behind Step 11, The Sober Journey provides simple solutions to finding serenity and success in recovery. Written with many examples from the authors own experience, and offering an easy guide to follow, The Sober Journey is for anyone seeking a healthy and productive life free from the fears and anxieties that plague the minds of most addicts and alcoholics.
Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars)

 The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery is a work of non-fiction in the form of a self-help guide, and was penned by author Dirk Foster. Designed for people who are at any stage of recovery from addictions such as drugs or alcohol, this sobriety-focused volume shares both the author’s own personal experiences with addiction and the techniques of prayer and meditation which he used to give himself the strength to complete his journey back to a sober life. The volume is separated into seven sections, taking the reader from introductory ideas about the nature of prayer and meditation into wider concepts and considerations about their relationship with God.

Author Dirk Foster shows a side of himself that many writers would shy away from, delivering a raw, honest opening to his guidebook that assures readers that he too has been in the depths of despair that they themselves will have experienced. The sense of empathy in the narration never lets up, creating a supportive and understanding atmosphere that clings to every explanation and affirmation as the book continues through not only Dirk’s darkest experiences but also his positive and powerful changes. The book is very well organized in its conceptual stages, first allowing readers the breathing space to identify, before giving them a solid grounding in the concepts and the real, practical tools which they will need to engage in using prayer and meditation for themselves. Overall, The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery is a highly recommended and uplifting work for all.