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The Soul's Last Host
Heather struggles to go through the motions of a life once worth living. Buy groceries. Take meds. Volunteer at youth shelter. Silently judge therapist. Make dinner. Get drunk. Relive horrific encounter with psychopath. Rinse. Repeat. Her life is destroyed. And the man who destroyed it is a mystery. To Heather. To the police. Even to himself. He sits in the hospital, unable to move his body, unable to remember who or what he is. The name they call him holds no meaning for him. Bernard. He can travel into their minds. The nurses. The other patients. At least he thinks he can. He sees through their eyes. Listens to their thoughts. Spends the long, lonely hours searching for answers. When the disturbingly charismatic Dr. Shaw takes a keen interest in both Bernard and Heather, they must piece together a shattered past and choose who they will trust and who they will fight in a war that has been going on since the dawn of humanity. A war where the lines that separate us as individuals blur, bend, and break. In The Soul’s Last Host, McLean weaves a unique and powerful tale that takes us around the globe, through human minds, right into the souls that govern our thoughts and dreams.