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David Muchai
The Soul Snatchers
David Muchai, author
Binti Baraza is a six-year veteran detective at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. Also, she is dead. When Elvira Kaidi confesses to drowning all three of her children, claiming they were possessed by the spirit of the abusive husband she stabbed to death three years ago, Detective Binti Baraza is buying none of it. After all, Elvira is a murderer who belongs in jail, or is she? In the course of her investigation, Binti has to contend with powerful outside forces, and demons vying for her soul. Literally. Her boss wants her to go with the suspect’s confession, the prosecutor wants her out of the case, and Binti keeps waking up from traumatic nightmares in which she is dead. Is Elvira simply a killer with government connections, or is there something more sinister in the Nairobi air? Before Binti can wrap up the most intriguing case of her career, she first has to unravel an unsolved mystery closer to home—that of her own murder.