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Jan Krause Greene
The Space Between Dark and Light
Joe Geist is desperate. His brother Jared has vanished, and Joe, usually a roll-with-the-punches type, begins a frantic quest to uncover his missing brother's fate. The search leads him to an enigmatic homeless mystic, Sir Davies, who claims to know what happened to Jared. Anne Miller, a quick-witted freelance reporter, agrees to help Joe after discovering a link between Jared's daughter and Sir Davies. One hundred years after Jared disappears, civil society is collapsing in the wake of environmental devastation. Seven-year-old George escapes when marauders invade his home. The next morning, convinced his sister has fled to safety, he sets out to find her. Set in the present and the future, these two separate stories unfold until an astonishing revelation connects them. Written from the viewpoint of multiple characters, this climate-themed novel poses questions about what we owe to future generations, and what our legacy to them will be.