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Fiona West
The Streetdweller
Fiona West, author
Abbie's had it. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, the heiress of Brevspor strikes out on her own, armed only with her wits, a stolen passport, and a determination to live (or die) her own way. Will the help she finds be the kind she needs, or send her further into despair? Join this headstrong sixteen-year-old as she tries to keep her identity a secret and navigate new friendships...and rivalries. The Streetdweller is the first prequel novella in the Borderline Chronicles.

Read this last night and really enjoyed it. It was nice and light-hearted read but also not afraid to dive into some serious topics, the storyline was compelling and finally, someone has figured out how to write believable dialogue - it's about time! The setting is an intriguing mix of fantasy and the modern world; I look forward to seeing how the author fleshes this out in the first full-length novel of the series, The Ex-Princess. Definitely chick lit with a female protagonist and a bit of romance thrown in - perfect for a beach or vacation read or just an evening when you want a mini escape from reality, as I did! Despite its short length as a novella, it really drew me in like any good fiction does, and I didn't want it to end. My only beef with it is that now I have to wait three weeks until the full novel is released! ;)