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Cinzi Lavin
The Taciturn Sky
Cinzi Lavin, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

An inheritance changes Bryce Parnell’s world in ways he never imagined. As a traitor to his class, he struggles to find his place somewhere between his Old Money upbringing and the uncultivated world he has come to know. Dividing his time between Larchmont, New York and Norfolk, Connecticut, he inexpertly navigates romantic relationships and interacts uneasily with wealthy friends and family, all the while hoping to outrun a reality of which he is becoming increasingly aware: that he is witnessing the last days of genteel aristocracy. Set amidst a backdrop of exclusive events and elite gatherings, Bryce savors treasured memories of his privileged past, yet slowly begins forging new paradigms of nobility.
The Pen Woman

"The Taciturn Sky is an interesting and entertaining peek behind the curtain where the 1 percent live." -The Pen Woman