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The Tale of the Tooth Mouse / ISBN: 978-1-7347769-2-8
Children everywhere know who the Tooth Fairy is and look forward to visits from this fabled character. But where did the Tooth Fairy come from? The Tale of the Tooth Mouse explores the origin of the Tooth Fairy by examining a series of unforeseen events in the life of a happy, carefree mouse named Timothy J who lived with his close friends, twins Jon and Anna. Readers will discover those life-altering nights that lead this mischievous mouse to an unimaginable transformation which has lived down through the ages. In a fascinating glimpse through time, the story reassures parents and their children who are ready to lose a first tooth. The tale will help navigate parent and child through this most important “rite of passage” and make “growing up fun”. Masterfully told by the author, with gorgeous, full-color illustrations, The Tale of the Tooth Mouse is a must-read that will satisfy the curiosity and adventurous spirit for readers of all ages.
Pediatric dentist Bentz debuts with a charming ode to friendship and growing up in this picture book showcasing the lesser-known (to Americans, at least) European version of the tooth fairy story. In a small cobbler’s village in some distant past, the mouse Timothy J lives in the home of human twins Jon and Anna. When Jon gets worried about losing his first tooth, Timothy J does what any good friend would do and tries to cheer him up–by leaving him a shiny new coin under his pillow. Timothy J’s “kind and giving heart” eventually leads to a dramatic mouse transformation, sparked by a run-in with the “Queen of all the Prince and Princess Fairies.”

This fast-paced and endearing story is enriched by Fanny Liam’s whimsical digital illustrations. Her charming character work, especially the smiles of the family, the gaps in Jon’s teeth, and a succession of comically expressive mouse poses, imbues the tale with a cheery warmth that invites re-reading. The sight of Timothy J’s tail and hindquarters protruding, in a pair of images, as he searches for the perfect gift for Jon, is a welcome laugh, and he cuts an amusingly dashing figure late in the story, after a surprise costume change from peasant mouse to rodent royalty.

The Tale of the Tooth Mouse offers a unique perspective on a universal childhood experience. The distinctly old-world European take on being a tooth fairy—or tooth mouse—gives readers the chance to think out of the box and imagine the rites of passage in other cultures, all with a fanciful twist. Sure to please young and old readers alike with its whimsy and enchantment, especially in the playful interactions between mouse and children, Dr. Bentz’s lovable tale is a welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Takeaway: Lovers of folklore will find whimsy and enchantment in the origin story of the tooth mouse.

Great for fans of: Robert D. San Souci’s The Talking Eggs, Jacqueline Jules’s Feathers for Peacock.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A