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Giovanna Siniscalchi
Author, Service Provider
The Taste of Light
The Count of Almoster, a cynical aristocrat, is enjoying a life of dissipation when Anne Maxwell, the naive sister of his rival, appears on his doorstep. Before he can recover from the dazzling vision, an accusation of regicide turns both into fugitives. To prove his innocence, they plunge into an ocean of intrigue and passion. When a conspiracy is revealed, he must rise above his past, or his true love will be lost forever.
In the inspired second entry in her Winemakers series, Siniscalchi proves adept at both historical accuracy and crafting a set of believable leads rich with quirks. In a vividly rendered late 19th century Portugal, Anne and Pedro, forced together by a chance meeting and botched murder attempt on the king, must work together to prove Pedro's innocence, despite his appearance of guilt to those in power. With the past rearing its ugly head for Pedro, and the search for naive love clouding Anne's vision, these two must stumble together—and toward each other—in the fight for their lives.

Siniscalchi captures readers’ attention from the beginning, and her union of history with intrigue is a winning combination. At first, Anne and Pedro come across as an alliance that’s not just unlikely but unthinkable, especially given that Anne's brother and Pedro hate each other for transgressions of the past, and the pair are given little more than a chance encounter before being thrust into a dangerous situation, forcing them to place trust in each other. Siniscalchi wrings fresh tension and passion from the familiar setup of characters who simultaneously loathe and long for each other, and The Taste of Light will stir in romance readers a maelstrom of emotions as plots unwind and Anne and Pedro grow closer in their journey to prove his innocence.

Besides rich historical detail, vibrant prose, and engaging relationships, Siniscalchi offers a plot that never lets up, weaving a delicate tale of a man who believes he is undeserving of love and a woman—with “Atlantic eyes and cheeks flaming like port wine”—who doesn't know better than to expect love to be everything it is not. Readers of both regency and historical romance will find that this book grabs attention and keeps it until the very last page.

Takeaway: Regency and historical romance readers will love this tale of opposites proving a man’s innocence.

Great for fans of: Cheryl Bolen, Emma Linfield, Bridget Barton

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A