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J.R. Boleyn
The Temple of Transparent Walls
J.R. Boleyn, author
Wilhelm Reinhardt is a well-seasoned, world renown professor of archeology and translator of ancient texts. When Wilhelm is hired by a dubious mining company to decipher the inscriptions on a 5,000-year-old golden artifact he becomes a hunted man in possession of a dangerous secret. Initially, the cryptic message alludes to the assassination of a world leader in the city of seven hills near the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 - except the date is wrong. And what business did an ancient Sumerian artifact have turning up in the Yucatan? When Wilhelm tries to warn his own half-brother, Cardinal Gregory Germaine, Gregory wants him dead. What Wilhelm doesn't know is that Gregory is part of a secret Vatican plot to kill the ailing pontiff and gain control of the Church and its massive wealth. Wilhelm quickly discovers Germaine is not the only one who will kill to know the secret to the riddle - the bearer of this disc holds knowledge of the Temple of Transparent Walls. With the aid of Taylor Cole, a former Delta Force operative, Wilhelm and his co-conspirators are caught in a tempest of secrecy and lies. No heaven - no hell - just a double-edged sword leading down a trail of international intrigue, deception, betrayal, and murder - according to the Mayans, a perfect day for the end of time.