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Raymond Oluigbo
The Ten Trade Commandmemts
The psychology of the trader is often unaddressed and overlooked. Yes, the stock market like any other investment, involves risk. However, with efficient planning, studying and execution, the market offers the chance of situational changing gains. When it comes to the wealthy, the vast majority of their net worth is working for them on a daily basis in the equity market, while the equity of the average middle class family lies primarily in homeownership. When it comes to investing, the more diversified your portfolio, the lower your chance of unwanted risk on capital. Investing in the stock market grants you the opportunity to better spread your money out across multiple sectors, rather than having all your eggs in one basket. The discrepancies between the wealthy and lower class families stems from exposure and information; we cannot use that as an excuse to be ignorant in these topics however. These Ten Commandments will serve as a straight forward hand guide for trading in the stock market. It focuses on the transgressions traders may face as they navigate the market and the psyche they must maintain in order to trade effectively despite market fluctuations.